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Our Doctor-Developed Program Will Have You Losing 20-30 Pounds In 30 days! Get Started On Living Your Best Life, Today!


One of the main reasons that people have trouble losing weight and keeping it off is that they try a one-size-fits-all program that’s not tailored to their specific needs and weight loss goals. What works for one person may end up being completely ineffective for someone else, which is why our science-based customized plan is different from the rest and can guarantee results. Click on each circle to learn more about SWIFTSlim’s approach:



There’s no doubt that many people struggle with weight loss when left to their own devices. The billions of dollars spent in the diet and exercise industries each year are a testament to the fact that most of us are looking for a lasting solution to this common issue. The good news is, SWIFTslim can help. We offer a unique weight loss program that is customized to the needs of each patient. Our approach will not only help you shed unwanted pounds but keep that weight off in the future.

Not only will you be able to lose weight, but you will develop new habits and routines, feel better overall, and now have a new healthy lifestyle that eliminates barriers and empowers you to live your best life! 

If you’re tired of going through the motions, are looking for concrete results, and want to learn more, reach out to our offices, today! Our team would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. 


100% Results

Our motto is ‘Weight Loss Without the Wait’, and that’s exactly what we deliver. Lose between 20 to 30 pounds in 30 days and keep it off. For good this time.


Our program delivers a safe and effective approach to losing weight. It is FDA-cleared and does not include the need for surgery or drugs.

Professional Team

Our team is committed and dedicated to your weight loss journey. We offer the tools you need to achieve your health and wellness goals, as well as support, educational resources, knowledge, and expertise for weight loss success.

About Contour Light
Red Light Therapy

The Contour Light system is a non-invasive body contouring device that helps you achieve a natural-looking, slimmer appearance without surgery or pain. Contour Light is FDA-cleared for circumferential reduction (inch loss) by targeting and deeply penetrating fat cells to encourage the expelling of fat into the lymphatic system. The Contour Light can help in attaining results for all types of individuals seeking to achieve a more sleek and slim profile.

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About Styku

Styku is a brand of 3D body scanning technology that assists with weight loss and body contouring. The system uses infrared sensors and cameras to capture images of the body and create a 3D model of a person’s body composition. The technology allows for accurate measurements of body fat percentage, body circumference, and other important metrics related to body shape and size. It offers the opportunity for customized weight loss treatments and improved patient outcomes.

Our Introductory Package Offers Are:

Basic Package


($246 Value)
  • 1 Full-Length Session:
    Full 25-Minute Contour Light® Body Contouring Session. ($199/Session Included)
  • 1 Vibration Plate Session:
    To Help Push The Newly Liquified Fat Into The Lymphatic System To Be Removed By The Body. ($47 Included)
  • Personalized Weight Loss Strategy:
    After Your Session, One Of Our Weight Loss Experts Will Develop & Recommend A Personalized Weight Loss & Inch Loss Strategy For You. (Included)

VIP Package


($432 Value)
  • Includes Basic Package plus …
  • VIP PERK #1:
    1 Red-Light Facial Rejuvenation w/ our Proprietary LED Face-Mask. ($67 Included)
  • VIP PERK #2:
    2-INCH LOSS GUARANTEE – If You Don’t Lose AT LEAST 2 INCHES In Your Contour Light® Demo, We’ll Give You A FULL MONEY BACK REFUND! No Questions Asked. (Risk-Free Guarantee, T&C applies)
  • VIP PERK #3:
    STYKU – Measure your body with 3D Digital body scan before and after to see the exact loss and areas where the loss took place. No more guessing – only knowing. ($118 Included)

Platinum Package


(3 visits — $964 Overall Value)
  • Includes VIP Package plus …
  • Platinum PERK #1:
    2 additional Full-Length Sessions: Full 25-Minute Contour Light® Body Contouring Session. ($199/Session Included)
  • Platinum PERK #2:
    2 additional Red-Light Facial Rejuvenation w/ our Proprietary LED Face-Mask. ($67 Included)

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