Exercise and dieting are key to losing weight. As those pounds come off, you won’t only look your best.

Exercise and dieting are key to losing weight. As those pounds come off, you won’t only look your best, but you’ll feel amazing, too. While fitting into your old pair of jeans and a boost to your self-esteem are great, there’s also a plethora of other health benefits to weight loss.

1. A Decrease In Pain

Most people are motivated to shed extra pounds to look better; however, feeling healthier should also be a wellness goal. Excess weight places pressure on a person’s joints. In fact, those who are overweight increase their chances of developing arthritis, which can cause daily pain from simply doing routine tasks. 

Taking off a mere 10 pounds can release 40 pounds of pressure on your knees. When you lose weight, you can move around faster and easier, with far less daily pain, making life that much more enjoyable!

2. Decrease Your Risk Of Cancer

While some risk factors of cancer, like genetics, can’t be controlled, maintaining a healthy weight can decrease your chance of developing the condition. Being overweight has been linked to about 11 percent of cancers in females and five percent in males. In addition, obesity enhances the risk of pancreatic, liver, and breast cancer.

3. All-Natural Energy Booster

Carrying extra weight can simply be exhausting. However, when you eat properly and exercise, this naturally boosts your energy. In fact, physical activity helps the body produce more mitochondria, which are cells that create energy from the oxygen you breathe and the food you consume. As such, an increase in mitochondria means an enhanced supply of energy to help you tackle everything life throws your way on a daily basis!

4. Reduced Risk Of Stroke

The added weight you carry around is connected to high blood pressure, placing your body’s arteries under continual stress. The risk of a stroke is 64 percent higher for obese individuals and 22 percent higher for those who are overweight, versus individuals with a normal BMI. 

5. Your Heart Health

Speaking of your arteries, weight loss decreases the pressure placed on these blood vessels, and this also helps the heart when it comes to pumping blood. The end result not only includes lowering your blood pressure but also your cholesterol, which decreases the chances of heart disease.

6. Insulin Sensitivity & Type 2 Diabetes

Losing weight is one way to help with insulin sensitivity and type 2 diabetes. The adipose tissue is connected directly to inflammation and can inhibit the body’s insulin from maintaining blood sugar levels. Even losing simply a conservative amount, like five percent of your body weight, can help keep insulin and sugar levels at a healthy number.

7. Mental Health Improvements

Losing weight isn’t only good for your physical health, but mental health, too. Past research reveals that over 40 percent of obese people have depression, although it’s important to note that people who aren’t obese can also deal with this debilitating condition. Still, physical activity helps release endorphins, chemicals in your body that elicit positive feelings. Even losing a small amount of weight can tremendously improve a person’s mood

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